G.CODE GFB, LLC an American global media company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Started by Mitchah S. Williams in 2004, the mission is to produce, promote, and distribute original, high-quality, branded content for mainstream consumption. 

      Williams' extensive resume includes theater, print, television, film, and music credits with many industry heavyweights. In 2001, he began writing and composing original rap/hip-hop music under the alias "G.CODE". In 2004, he created "GCODEGFB" as an official home for his future endeavors. Since then, he has released several music and visual projects across the internet and social media.   

     Along with creating custom content, "GCODEGFB" provides all forms of media production services. Williams wants to leave a legacy of work that's reflects the community he serves, and the realities he sees.


"Cocaine Code"




"Code Blax"


"Without You"

J. Holiday - 'Back of my Lac'

TV/Film Credits


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